Wednesday, March 8, 2017

Weekly Update!


So this week really just had a lot of planning and coming up with ways
to find investigators. We had a bunch of investigators then literally
everyone dropped us. We went from like 9 to 0 in two weeks. Soooo. We
need to get some investigators ASAP. We are setting up member messages
with a buuuunch of people and then inviting them to bring a non member
to it. We are also challenging the people who sign up to feed us to
invite a non member. And they're all YSA and super returned
missionaries so they better do it! It's such a pain not to go tracting
sometimes. Like members are the most effective but when they don't
give us people to teach we literally can't do anything. And no one is
on the streets cuz the crappy weather. So yeah. Pray for us.

Buuuut someone in my last area that I taught got baptized on Saturday
and I got to go! Her name is Monica. So that was super exciting. She
has 9 year old who will hopefully be baptized soon as well. It was a
beautiful baptismal service. Her two kids, (the other is like 6), sang
this cute song about baptism with some other primary kids and Monica
was crying and it was super sweet. Her kids were super excited to see
me and they ran up and hugged me. I miss family wards. They really
make you feel like their family. YSA is just like hanging out with
weird college students. But we did get to go to the church history
museum on Saturday too and that place is awesome!

So on Friday I got an email that said that my personal bank account
balance was -$82 and I start freaking out because I checked my jacket
and my bag and I couldn't find my wallet anywhere so I'm convinced it
got stolen. So I call president to ask what to do since my accounts
need shut off and stuff and I get permission to call my mom so she can
take care of it. So I call my mom crying and she answers and when I
say "Mom?" She's like "Yeeeeeesss???" Haha she sounded so confused and
concerned. So I'm like "Don't worry, I got permission" and then
proceed to tell her that I think my wallet is stollen and that someone
is spending money on it. She's like "Ohhhhh no no no. I know why you
card got charged." And I'm like "huh?" And she's like "It was Amazon
Prime!" So the day before my mission, I reaaalllyyyyy wanted the last
movie I watched to be The Princess Diaries but I didn't own it so I
signed up for an Amazon prime trial so that I could watch it for free!
I THOUGHT I had ended the trial literally right after the movie got
done but apparently I didn't so when the trial was over, on Friday, I
got charged $100 -_______- but my mom canceled it and it said I should
be refunded. Oh and then I found my wallet in some random small pocket
in my bag. So yeah. That was my crazy day. But two good things came
out of it, 1. My wallet wasn't stolen! 2. I got to talk to my mom on
the phone!

Also, I was walking up the stairs at church with a burrito in my hand (they had a linger longer thing) and I TRIPPED! Both my knees are super bruised AND my elbows AND my burrito slapped the stairs! But I hadn't ate anything all day so I still ate it :( Some burrito is better than no burrito. 

Oh we did get to finger paint at FHE though and that was fun. 

I don't know, nothing huge happened this week but we are working hard
and hopefully will have new investigators by next week. Oh! But Leo
got the priesthood! And a temple recommend. We are taking him to the
temple on Saturday! So that will be super awesome.

Also, I will send some crazy pictures of what my comp and I do when we're bored at night after planning. 

I hope you all have a great week! I love you all!

Sister Sydney LaRee Holcomb
Utah Salt Lake City Mission

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