Wednesday, March 8, 2017



Hey everyone!

So besides seeing Sister O, one other amazing thing that happened was....that we got a new investigator! And hopefully another one tomorrow! Kenza is the first one. She requested a book of mormon on and the family ward elders dropped it off and taught her a lesson then sent the referral to us since she's YSA. We called her to set up a follow up appointment and that automatically made her a new investigator! She's on spring break right now so we haven't got to meet her yet but she is very excited to meet with us and sounds so nice. Tomorrow we have our first lesson with a guy named Ian. He is dating a member of the church but has been waiting to meet with us until he has felt ready. And he's decided he's ready! He's nervous but also are we haha. We are so happy to have more investigators. Keep Sister James and I in your prayers and pray for Ian and Kenza as well, that they'll be prepared for our message. 

So we are soooo spoiled here in YSA. We got taken out to The Cheesecake Factory and then they guys friend that was there with us gave us nail certificates! So we got to go get our nails done last Monday which was more therapeutic than you can imagine. Sometimes it's nice to get pampered. Now I have pretty teal nails haha. I love them. Wow....I'm writing about my nails right now...what am I doing? 

Anyyyyyways. Yesterday the church released some awesome new videos for the Easter Initiative. The main one they are focusing on is called #Hallelujah. It is amazing. At first, I didn't know how I felt about it because I felt like nothing could compare the the video they released 2 years ago called, Because of Him. But the more I watched this video the more I grew to love it. Because of Him focuses on what was made possible through his atoning sacrifice, and the new video focuses on all of the reasons we have to "Praise the Lord" because of what was made possible when he died and was resurrected and lives now. We have soooo many reasons to shout hallelujah and to find happiness and joy in this life and in the life to come. Through Jesus Christ, we can find new life and live again after this life. Through Jesus Christ, we can be forgiven of our sins. Through Jesus Christ we can have our burdens lifted. Through Jesus Christ we can be reunited will all of our loved ones. Through Jesus Christ we can be families through all eternity. I can see my grandma again, my great grandpas, and my friends that were lost their lives in this past year. Through Jesus Christ we can find comfort. Through Jesus Christ we can be healed from any of our pains, physical or emotional. He knows each one of us perfectly. He suffered for each one of our sins and pains individually. He loved us so much, he was willing to die for us. If it weren't for all of this, if it weren't for the reasons why we celebrate Easter, there would be no reason to celebrate his birth at Christmas. Hallelujah for new life, hallelujah for fresh starts, hallelujah for lifted burdens, hallelujah for forgiveness, for healing, for inner peace, for life after death, for Him. Hallelujah for our savior Jesus Christ and for our loving Father in Heaven. I have come to know my Savior from prayer and from reading the Book of Mormon. I have felt his hand in my life and have felt him lift the burdens that weighed me down. I have found new life through Jesus Christ, and I know all of you can as well when you love him, and when you follow him. To learn more about the Savior, or more about why we celebrate this time of year, please go to FollowHim.Mormon.Org

See the video, #Hallelujah, here. 

I love you all and hope to hear from you.

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