Wednesday, March 8, 2017

My not so exciting week!

Jk my week was fantastic. Here's some pics ! 

Sister J and I hitting our 4 months together! 
Sister J and I being ganstas in our car
And us jamming out (to The Savior of the world soundtrack) but it looks like I'm punching her lol 


So this week has been interesting! Transfers was today. There were rumors that I was going to train, the sister training leaders and the zone leaders were told that, but I never got the call from Pres so I guess he changed his mind! Haha I don't really care though. I figured I would stay in this area since I've only been here for a transfer. So I'm staying but my comp is being transferred to Bountiful. And Sister James is my new comp! She is from 20 minutes away from me in Port Orchard! We went to school together at OC and were in neighboring stakes. But we were MTC roommates so it should be fun! 

On Monday we went to a seminary class and they were doing this missionary week thing so they all got fake mission calls and then there's like different missionary tasks they can do during the weeks to earn points for an ice cream party. It sounded pretty cool. So we went so that any of the students could ask us questions about the work and what it's like to be a missionary. We went to two periods and did that and it was super cool! I hope I was able to inspire some girls to serve :) most of them asked if we were disappointed when we got called to Utah lol. But one kid preparing for his mission actually gave us someone to teach! So that was awesome. We still only have 2 investigators but we have lessons set up with 2 or 3 potential investigators this week so we will see how that goes. We are trying so hard to find people to teach. One of the most effective ways we've found is just to be super blunt and to walk up to someone at church and say "Hey. Who do you know that we could teach?" And it actually works! I mean, everyone we go to church with is 18-30 years old and they're all RMs and we KNOW they know people we can teach. But we've been working a lot with our wards to get their minds back into missionary work. 

We had exchanges with our STLs this past week in their SPANISH AREA! My Spanish vocabulary is limited to about 10 words so basically I was useless but I still tried my best to contribute to the lessons. I had no clue what they were talking about but I would say something about the topic we had planned for and apparently it always went perfectly with what they were talking about at that certain point in the conversation. I had duelingo, the language learning app that's approved in the mission, but apparently only the missionaries assigned to speak a foreign language were allowed to have it so I had to delete it so basically my Spanish is back down to 0%.

Hmmm. Some other random stuff we did! We went bowling last Monday at the U as a zone activity and that was super fun, we also painted sets for a school play as a service project which was also super fun!

Hmmm what else...I went to the doctors this morning! I've been super sick lately. Like for a month. I thought I may've been lactose intolerant or gluten intolerant or something because basically everything I ate made me feel terrible. But I went and they are going to do a blood test so we shall see! 

I know this church is true and that our Savior, Jesus Christ, loves each one of you individually! His way is the path that leads to eternal happiness in this life and the life to come!

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