Wednesday, March 8, 2017

Long time no write


> Sorry it has been FOREVER since I've sent an update. Transfers happened and it has just been crazy. But I can't skip ahead! I'll start at the beginning. So Christmas was AWESOME! I got to skype my family and that was the best thing ever. I missed them all soooo much and I even got to say high to my cousin krischan (whos on his mission in brazil) when he was talking to my aunt. All my cousins and aunts and uncles were at my grandpas house while I skyped so I got to see everyone <3 I LOVED IT. We also got to have another potluck with the YSA missionaries, we were the only non ysa missionaries there which may have been fortelling the future because I got transfered!! To a YSA area. YSA stands for Young Single Adults btw, so we only teach people aged 18-30 and who are single. It's super cool but also sort of weird because everyone is my age. I had TWO new companions and all three of us are from Washington. So we were in a trio. But only for 10 days. Sister Jensen is one, we went into the MTC together and I even got to hang out with her befor our missions in Washington. Sister Thetford was my other comp but she is gone now. She left mid transfer to open a new spanish speaking area and she is super excited for that. Being in a trio was hard. I felt sort of shut out sometimes but I think it will get better now. New Years Eve was awesome because we got to watch Disney movies!!! We watched Inside Out and Tangled (my fave!!!) It was a blast. But then we got back to work lol. Sorry this email is such a mess. Haha I'm running out of time and feel super stressed and I haven't wrote in so long I'm trying to shove everything in. I'm probably forgetting like...everything. I set a lot of new years resolutions. I was kind of hesitant at first to do it because I rarely ever keep my goals. But I'm focusing a lot of self improvement this year. I beat myself up a lot and sometimes refuse to even try to do better because I'm too afraid of failing but I need to trust God and let him shape me into a better person. The great thing about the atonement of Jesus Christ is that we don't need a new year to restart. Because he suffered for our sins, at any moment we can turn to him and truly repent and start over. Especially each Sunday as we take the sacrament. I have been trying to make that hour of church more meaningful and really pay attention to the prayer and remember the covenants I made at baptism. I also think back on the week and try to see how I can do better. I can take change one step at a time. You don't have to boom be perfect. But each week you can improve bit by bit. I wish I can write more but I'm really running out of time! Just remember why Jesus Christ suffered and take advantage of that. I love you all. and miss you all so much. I would love to hear from y'all.
> Sister Sydney Holcomb
> 1535 S Edison St.
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