Wednesday, March 8, 2017

Sorry for all the pics and the short email


 Sorry for all the pics and the short email

Wow what an amazing weekend!! It was my first time at conference since
I was like 12 years old?There were a quite a few protestors outside.
My companion and I watched them for about a half hour. Nothing they
said really made any sense, but whatever haha. It was mostly just
hilarious. Gave us some good entertainment. They said Mormon women
weren't allowed to have chocolate on Sunday's?? Dang. I guess I need
to repent lol. I just don't understand why people would waste their
time trying to tear down other people's beliefs. Despite their
presence, the actual conference was super spiritual and just what I
needed. Especially since my companion and I are both new to this area
that we've been transferred to in Rose Park. But there's a lot of work
here and I'm ready to go! There is soooo much potential. We can't wait
to dig in and see what this next transfer will bring.
Sorry this email is so short, this Pday has been crazy! I promise to
write more this next week. I love you all!!

Watch the conference on!!

Sister Sydney LaRee Holcomb
Utah Salt Lake City Mission

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