Monday, March 6, 2017

Let It Snow


WHEN HE WAS STINKIN ARRESTED!!! Lol right in the middle of the
lesson!! Hahahaha like what the heck?? After he was in the car and in
handcuffs and everything the cops were like "Are you teaching this
guy?" And we were like "yeah" and he said "keep it up" hahaha.

But besides him, we have 12 progressing investigators and got a new
one this week. They are all super awesome and have a lot of potential.
I don't think we will have any baptisms this transfer but next
transfer I feel like a lot of miracles will take place. A lot of our
investigators have a lot to work on though, but we are just trusting
in the Lord and in his timing. We had a lot of super spiritual lessons
this week and are helping a recent convert prepare for going to the
temple for the first time so that's super amazing.

Last Tuesday my zone got to go to the temple and do a session there.
First time inside the Salt Lake City temple!! It is so beautiful
inside. It was a super awesome experience and definitely what I needed
at the time.

We had stake conference on Sunday and I got to meet, shake hands with,
and talk with Elder Craig Christensen in the Presidency of the Seventy
(; so that was pretty cool. But tbh I didn't know who he was at first
so I had to look him up on But Elder Ballard was at the stake
next to ours -___- The Ward boundaries were redone and one of our
wards was dissolved and put into our other one, and then one of the
elders wards were dissolved but put into our other Ward so we are now
only covering 4 wards but in the area of what used to be 6. So it will
be interesting to see how it goes. Our mission pres spoke at stake
conference and basically told the members they needed to be better
member missionaries and then afterwards, sooooo many people kept
giving us people to teach! Haha so yeah. We will see what will happen.
Transfers in 2 weeks and I think my comp may leave me because she's
been in the same area her whole mission, which has been over 7 months.
But we will see. We get along really well now so I'll be bummed if
she leaves but a new comp would be a good experience.

It has been snowing non stop for the last 24 hours and we have at
least 7 or 8 inches. It is crazy. It's supposed to continue tomorrow
too. I thought it would be fun at first but walking in it sucks! And
it's hard to find rides since the snow is so bad. But we did get to
have a zone snowball fight activity today which was a TON of fun! Even
though it seemed like all the elders teamed up against me :( I got
nailed in the face at least 10 times and had mascara all over hahaha.
But it was a blast. Then we had a white elephant gift exchange and I
ended up with a weird stuffed storm trooper, a hat, and a toy car
haha. Typical white elephant. I'm looking forward to the next couple
weeks because of all of our Christmas parties and the missionary
opportunities that arise during the holidays. Everyone is more
centered on Christ. I hope y'all have been sharing the Christmas video
and your testimony of the Savior! #ASaviorIsBorn

And I dyed my hair! We were bored so I decided I'd do something
"crazy". Most spontaneous thing a missionary can do haha. I miss you
all! Please write me! Or email me! Haha whichever!

Sister Sydney Holcomb
Utah Salt Lake City Mission
1535 S Edison St
Salt Lake City, UT 84115

Sister Sydney LaRee Holcomb
Utah Salt Lake City Mission

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