Monday, March 6, 2017



> Well I don't have a whole lot to say for this week. Oh but we got 3
> new investigators! So that's awesome. But everyone keeps canceling
> lessons with us and that's frustrating but we just keep working hard
> and finding new people to teach! We have 13 progressing investigators
> and they are all right on the edge of baptism but one thing or another
> just keeps getting in the way so we are trying our best to stay
> patient and trust in the Lords timing. We have about 3 more weeks left
> in this transfer so I hope I won't get transferred so I can stick with
> our investigators and make sure they keep learning. On Sunday we went
> to the Christmas devotional! We were supposed to have 5 people come
> with us but only Aeysha did. But it was still awesome. We had to wait
> in the stand by line but we got in and it was fantastic. Being in the
> same room as Bednar and Uchdorf, apostles of God, and Thomas S Monson,
> the prophet of God was amazing. All the talks were powerful. I am so
> grateful for the greatest gift of all, Jesus Christ and His Atonement.
> It was a blessing to hear powerful people testify of his love for all
> of us and of Heavenly Fathers plan. Can't wait for what is to come! I
> love you all! Sorry for my lame updates lately! Email me! Write me! My
> address is:
> Sister Sydney Holcomb
> Salt Lake City Mission
> 1535 S Edison St 84115
> I miss you all! Find opportunities where y'all can be missionaries as
> well! Share your testimony of the Savior and the gifts Heavenly Father
> has given us! Especially in this season, people's hearts are opened to
> the true meaning of Christmas. Share it on Facebook, with friends at
> work or school, leave a secret note, anything!
> Sister Sydney LaRee Holcomb
> Utah Salt Lake City Mission
> #ASaviorIsBorn

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