Monday, March 6, 2017

Fwd: Whatta Week 😅

Sister Sydney LaRee Holcomb
Utah Salt Lake City Mission

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Some highlights of this week!

1. Sunday the Provo City Center Temple dedication was streamed to
every stake center in Utah and they became an extension to the temple.
You needed a temple recommend to watch it and everything. So we got to
watch it and it was a really unique experience and I really enjoyed
it. I hope I can attend another one in person! Maybe Rome Italy
temple?? :)

2. We had our second lesson with Ian our new investigator! And he
prayed that he and his girlfriend will be sealed one day!!

3. Ney and Andre are on date to be baptized in April 22!

4. We get to meet with our new investigator Kenza on Tuesday! She says
she is so excited to meet with us and I can't wait to see where it

5. Had exchanges in the sisters Spanish area and got to teach cute
little kids again! YSA is fun but I miss families.

6. I HIT MY 6 MONTHS ON WEDNESDAY! It is so crazy how fast time has
flown. I'm already 1/3 of the way done with my mission and I feel like
I'm finally getting comfortable where I am.

We find out about transfers next Monday.

Here are some people we are working with and what's going on with them!

Sam Garner- This was a super awesome lesson with Sam. He has such a
strong desire to find out if the church is true and he WANTS it to be
true. We went over the talk Lord, I Believe and it really struck him.
He has a hard time seeing the faith that he does have but we helped
him recognize those things. He finds a lot of things hard to believe
but we asked what he HOPED was true and he said the afterlife. And we
said, "Which is harder to believe, that our life here on earth and the
relationships we have matter? Or that we will cease to exsist?" And he
said it was harder to believe that we would just become nothing. He is
starting to recognize he faith he has so he can build off that. He is
still having a difficult time getting something out of church, but
knows that it's important if he wants to strengthen his testimony.

Ian George- Ian has such a strong desire to find out if this church is
true. And he wants it to be true. Family is very important to him and
the plan of salvation brought a lot of peace to him and the temple
sealing is something he wants in his future. He had questions about
the celestial kingdom and what it will be like for families. We are
going to teach him the gospel of Jesus Christ next and he has
questions about the difference of our church and other Christian

Ney and Andre- We had an awesome lesson with Ney and Andre tonight. We
met at Brother Larson's house read 2 Nephi 31 and taught the gospel of
Jesus Christ. We felt inspired to ask them to be baptized and they
responded in an of course kind of way if they were to find out if it
were true. We put them on date for April 22 and promised that if they
read and pray and make it a priority and truly want an answer, then
they will receive their answer by that date.

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