Tuesday, July 21, 2015

64 More Days

Quite a bit has happened since my last blog post! The most important thing, I went to the Portland temple to take out my endowments! I got to go with my grandma and grandpa, aunt and uncle, and mom & dad. It was such a blessing to be surrounded by people who love and support me. They've all been amazing examples to me and continue to inspire me to do better. The spirit often testifies to me in different ways and when I went to the temple on Saturday, I felt an enormous amount of peace. I had a very stressful week and had been feeling very overwhelmed and it was bringing out the worst in me. I was constantly in a bad mood and couldn't get out of this bad funk until I was at the temple. I know the temple is a house of God because I could instantly feel his love for me and I felt the anger and stress melt away. Even since I've gotten home, I've just felt different; a good different of course. I can't wait to go to the temple again soon!

On Sunday morning, I unfortunately had to work but I got off with just enough time to make it to Poulsbo to go to Nathan Wilson's farewell talk. It's so great to see so many of my friends make the decision to serve the Lord. Austin is leaving tomorrow to Ghana, and then Nathan is leaving next week to Brazil, and then another of my friends is going to Uruguay. & my cousin Krischan (Brazil) and my friends Will (Netherlands/Belgium) and Cole (Philippines) have already left! Ahhh I'm just so proud of everyone. I know the Lord is very happy right now. It's so great to get updates from them every week and hear about all the miracles they have already seen and how they've seen the Lord's hand in their lives. I pray that they all will be kept safe and that those the find to teach will have an open heart and mind to hear about the gospel. Can't wait to join them all out on the mission field. 

So sort of un mission related...I went to the best concert ever last night. My favorite band Parachute was performing in Seattle so I bought VIP tickets the day they went on sale. So yes the concert was fantastic, and meeting the band (especially Will Anderson <3) was even moooore amazing, BUT something super awesome and unexpected came from going to the concert! I met 6 random girls who share a mutual love for Will Anderson and we got talkin, only to find out that we are ALL mormon!! Like how crazy is that?? Most of them live in Seattle so we're gunna hang soon but it was just totally crazy! 
Shout out to Rachel, Ashley, Cami, Abigail, Julia, and Elizabeth!
Overall, I've had a fantastic past couple of days and I'm leaving to Utah for a week and a half on Saturday so it's only gunna get better! I'm going to tour UVU (the college I got accepted into) and hopefully explore Salt Lake City so I can get a feel of the place I'll be living for the next year and a half! I'm so pumped for my future! & I can't wait to share all my adventures with y'all :)
Until next time!

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