Monday, November 9, 2015

Hey Fam!

It was dark out so I didn't really notice at first but this dude was
just running down the street with his clothes in his arms and he saw
us and was like "im so sorry!" And I was thinking, "why?" And then he
got closer and ran past us and I was like "AH OH MY GOSH. THATS WHY."
So a car pulled into the drive way right as that dude ran out the back
door naked, with clothes in we have a pretty good idea of
what was goin on in that house. Salt Lake City is literally, the
weirdest mission ever. It's not like any of the other Utah missions at
all. Like this wasn't even the craziest thing that has happened.

Read D&C Section 6! It's super amazing. I'm probs doing
this whole ponderizing thing wrong, but I pick a chapter to ponderize.
And I've been ponderizing Alma 29. Amazing chapter. Oh and last Monday
we went to DI and I bought this copy of the Book of Mormon from the
70's and its big and fancy and super awesome hahaha. So now I'm
reading from the very beginning again and I like it cuz all the pages
are so clean and I can start fresh. My quad set scriptures have soooo
many markings on each page. So I'm going to start all over reading
this one and highlight awesome verses and write my thoughts on the
sides of the pages and then I can give it to my future children lol.

The work is progressing so much. We have a baptism on Saturday and
have 7 progressing investigators! And I still think we can be doing
better but my companion and I don't quite think a like haha. But I'll
just keep doing what I can do and work my hardest. The boy that is
being baptized on Saturday is 9 years old and he is so cute haha. Like
in his prayers he prays that all the other people who aren't baptized
will be baptized and he prayed that he hopes the prophet can come to
his baptism....yeah it was sad to explain that he couldn't haha. But
we told him about how the prophet will be at the Christmas devotional
and he got so excited. He said that he better be at the top of our
list who gets tickets haha. We just met him last week and he just
wants to get baptized so bad. He is a super smart kid! When we asked
if he had any other questions, he said "uhhhh everything else you
haven't taught me?!" Hahaha. He's awesome and has such a strong desire
to learn.

Sorry I don't have a whole lot to write for this week but there's much more awesomeness to come!! Love you all! Write me! I look so unpopular at district meeting when everyone else gets their mail :P

My address!

Sister Sydney LaRee Holcomb
1535 S Edison St. 
Salt Lake City, Utah 84115

                                                          Reaction from my cute companion when she saw the snow.

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