Monday, November 9, 2015

Another Baptism!

Quote of the day:
"Have a good night Tony!"
"How am I supposed to have a good night when I have to sleep in a trash can!?"
He had to move out and didn't have a place to sleep last night so he
said he had to sleep in a dumpster. Lol I know I shouldn't be
laughing, cuz I think he was being for reals but it was just so funny!

Tuesday was the most bizarre day ever. We were contacting all our
referrals and met this guy who "had no idea how we got his info" but
that he's been "waiting for missionaries because he wanted to teach
US". Yeah, shoulda left then. He probably referred himself just so he
could talk to us haha. But he caught us and talked to us for sooooo
long. Like 2 hours. Apparently he has a doctorate in bible study or
something. And he just kept saying we didn't know the bible well
enough and he just kept reading us verses that I had already known,
but obviously we just interpret differently. I kept trying to get out
of it but he was like "this is what you're supposed to do right? Talk
to people?" And we were like "uhhhh" so we kept talking to him and he
wasn't argumentative or anything but he just kept quoting the bible
and telling us that things we believed didn't make sense according to
the bible. He ended with telling us that he was telling us all this
because he cared deeply for us and our salvation and that if we were
wrong and if we are teaching people false doctrine, then we can be
sending people to hell lol. Wahoo!! First person to tell me I was
going to hell! Haha we invited him to read The Book of Mormon and he
said no, that he believed he had all that he needed in The Bible, and
we said, "Well how do you know if you never read?" And then he invited
us to read The Bible to know if it is true and we said "Sure but we
already believe it!" Lol. And later in the evening, we came across
this Native American guy, and he said that he really admired the work
that us missionaries did and that it's good but that he has his own
faith...he said this all before we had even said hello haha. But he
sang an Indian prayer for us and it was actually very cool.

The most amazing thing happened!!
We've been teaching this guy named Tony and he's .... An interesting
fella haha. He has a batman tattoo on his face and he's like 40
something. He said that he was shot in the head, so he has a really
hard time remembering things but he is so funny. He was praying once
with us and this guy walks up and tries talking to him in the middle
of the prayer and he was like "Dude! I'm trying to pray with my
women!" He always calls us his chicks. But anyways, he's been being
taught for a reallyyyyy long time. Like over a year. But all the other
sisters wanted to drop him. They just didn't want to put in the
effort, because he talks off subject a lot and can't remember things
well. But we have been working so hard with him. And so we invited our
district leader to sort of practice interview him because we just
couldn't tell where he was at spirituality and like where the line
would be if they weren't like 100% mentally there. So we were present
for the interview and oh my goodness. It was the most amazing thing
ever. The spirit was so strong and Tony answered every answer
perfectly. He was remembering everything and he started crying and
bearing his testimony. So we didn't have him on date, and at the end
of the interview our district leader said "I know you don't have a
date picked out yet, but you know what, I just have a feeling you need
to be baptized on Saturday!" (This interview happened on Thursday
night!!!) so we threw together a baptism in 1 day and it happened!
Haha he almost slept through it though. We had to go wake him up.

We have a 9 year old named Dylan on date for November 14 and we have 6
other investigators. The work is going so well here. It's a miracle.
Just gonna continue to do my best!

Love ya all! Write me!


P-day attire!

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